New Head Teacher Appointed

John Eddy

Congratulations to John Eddy, who has been appointed as our new Head Teacher. He will be taking over from Jenny Veal in August, when she leaves to head up a college in Devon. Mr Eddy plans to continue to build on the huge improvements made by Mrs Veal during her time here.

Message From Our Senior Team 

Supporting our most vulnerable families

We are currently using the government voucher scheme for those in receipt of free school meals. If applicable, you should receive a £15 voucher each week for each child that is eligible. If you have any queries about these vouchers, please contact Mr O’Rourke at forourke@thetauntonacademy.com. Families in our school who are supported by external agencies ,or with whom we have worked very closely due to a variety of vulnerabilities, will be contacted by school staff or our PFSA on a regular basis.


If you have a safeguarding concern please contact Somerset Safeguarding Team on 0300 123 2224. This number is only for urgent issues. Our school safeguarding team will be available during office hours to support you if you have any questions of a non urgent nature. You can contact them through email at safeguarding@thetauntonacademy.com 

Our contact with you

We will continue to keep parents and carers up to date through our social media platforms, website and via email. For those not in school, staff will also be available to students via their academy email addresses during office hours to support their learning. We wish you and your families the very best during this most difficult of times.   

The Taunton Academy

Yr 7 Students of Week

17-03-2020 Y7

Eliza, Max & Ruby for their contribution to the student sports relief team.

Yr 8 Students of Week

17-03-2020 Y8

Emma for trying her best all the time and being kind to others, Jack for having a positive attitude and a super keen reader in DEAR time, and Menzi for having a positive attitude and being a super buddy to our new student.

Yr 9 Students of Week

08-07-2019 Y9

Awarded to Kira and William for positive contribution to the school.


Our News

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Thank You

Thank you very much to all of you wonderful people who have given items or money for students at our school who are the most vulnerable during this difficult time. Thanks to Aldi, which gave us the tins of hotdog and crisps.



Attendance Matters

Is your child missing out?

Focus on attendance and punctuality

Research has shown that regular attendance and good punctuality are crucial factors in students achieving their full potential in education

Attendance Brief

Student Categories

Attendance Matters

Year 7 Transition


I have enjoyed a fabulous two weeks of meeting with Year 6 teachers via video calls to start to get to know the students transitioning to us to begin Year 7 in September 2020. They will be a fantastic new year group to our school. All information about transition can be found hereMore information will be added in the weeks ahead. 

I am looking forward to welcoming and getting to know our new Year 7

Mrs Vercoe

Year 7 Leader

Head's Message



At a time of such uncertainty it has been amazing how the community has pulled together to fulfil our social obligations, to be kind and supportive and also to be creative about a different way of doing things. Students have adapted well to home study and I am grateful to you, their parents and carers, for your support. Please see the latest edition of our newsletter, which is devoted to some of the outstanding work they have been doing during lockdown.
On behalf of the school staff, I send my best wishes to you all.

Mrs J Veal



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